Pleasant Ridge: Section III

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The lots shown on the Section III plat of Pleasant Ridge Estates shall be subject to the following restrictions and reservations:

  1. Lots shall be used for residential purposes only and no businesses shall be permitted.
  2. Each lot shall constitute a single buildings unit, except where two or more continuous lots or portions thereof are purchased by the same owner for use as one building unit.  The building unit or lots are limited to one single-family residence only.
  3. No unlicensed car or cars ineligible for state inspection may be kept on any lot for more than thirty days.
  4. No swine, cattle, poultry, goats, or sheep shall be kept or maintained on any lot.
  5. No mobile homes, double-wide mobile homes, shacks or temporary buildings shall be placed or maintained on any of these lots.  No modular homes shall be placed or maintained on any of these lots without the written approval of the developer.
  6. No structures, including temporary outbuildings, other than the primary residential dwelling on said lot shall be constructed or placed around any building lot except as close to the 35’ rear setback line as possible.  Further, the placement of any structure or outbuilding, temporary or otherwise, shall be subject to written approval by the developer herein. The setback lines for accessory buildings are 15’ from back, side and main building according to Amherst County zoning ordinance.
  7. No commercial kennel shall be permitted on any of these lots.
  8. The only fences to be constructed shall be constructed to the rear of the residence on said lot.  No fences are to be constructed on the side or the front of any residence located on said lot.
  9. Satellite dishes or similar equipment shall not be permitted in the front of the house built on said lot.
  10. No permanent on street parking shall be permitted at any lot.
  11. No commercial vehicles larger than one ton pickup trucks or school bus parking shall be permitted, except for usual deliveries.
  12. A utility easement is reserved as shown on the said plat.
  13. The minimum enclosed living  area of dwellings on said lots shall be as follows:
    a.       One story – 1000 finished square feet on ground level.
    b.       Split foyer – 850 finished square feet on the main floor.
    c.       Split level – 1000 finished square feet on two levels.
    d.       Two story – No less than 760 finished square feet on the main level.
    e.       One and a half story – 760 finished square feet on the main level, no less than 1050 finished square feet total.
    f.        All of the above specifications are exclusive of garages, porches, carports, stoops, basements, or out buildings.
  14. No residence shall be placed any closer than 50 feet of the edge of the highway fronting on said lot as shown on the plat attached hereto.  All side and rear set back lines shall ne as per the Amherst County zoning ordinance.
  15. Developer reserves the right to place signs for entrance on such lots as may be necessary.
  16. Developer reserves the right to modify these restrictions as may deemed to be necessary.
  17. No all terrain recreational vehicles or any other recreational vehicles of said description shall be operated on any lot between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m.
  18. No lot owner shall maintain any nuisances or allow any conditions that produce excessive noise, specifically including all terrain recreational vehicles, barking dogs or any other instrumentalities that produce excessive noise that interferes with the owners of other lots.
  19. These restrictions pertain to Pleasant Ridge Estates only an to no other adjacent land and future development of other sections of Pleasant Ridge Subdivision unless they are placed on there at time of development by the developer herein.
  20. The By-laws initially adopted and changes made thereto, if any shall be binding on all Lot owners except the Developer.
  21. Any dwelling or building constructed on any Lot must be completed and a Certificate of Occupancy issued within 1 Year from the start of construction on said dwelling or building.

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